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Thank you for your interest in Bodies by B! We are a fully online, LIVE fitness coaching service. What does LIVE mean? It means that Coach B is able to tailor a workout program to YOU in order to meet your needs and goals. It means that Coach B is cheering you on the whole way and giving you instructions and demonstrating various exercises to help optimise your results and to minimise the risk of injury. It means that if you’re not feeling motivated to workout, to run on your treadmill, or to follow a YouTube video – THAT’S OK – we are here to support you and to motivate you the whole way through by coaching you in real time, virtually.

We offer at home workout guides, meal guides, LIVE online training, LIVE online group classes, and yoga classes.

Send us an email at bbodiesygk@gmail.com if you have any questions or follow us on Instagram @bbodiesygk & send us a DM – we are constantly posting workout ideas, stretching videos and meal inspiration photos to help you on your journey!

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